'Red meets yellow' nr.13

'Old/New' collection

It's a story of a gift for ‘Colours of connection’ designer Marija from her grandmother - an old pearl necklace. "I want you to create something new and unique," - she said and inspired her to launch collection 'Old / New'. This limited release carries a story about the legacy of the old and rebirth into new. Only 16 pairs of the pearl earrings will be released as a limited edition. Each handmade, unique in its shapes, has the power of colours and carrying a story of pearl.

Made of: ceramics, silver-plated clasps , pearls, silver-plated details.
Size: ~3 cm x 3 cm, pair weight: ~ 0,15 g. 
Colours: red, yellow

Moods in colours
Yellow - happiness, sunshine, optimism
Red -  powerful, passionate 

White gift box with an original label, designed to carry your jewellery comfortably and safely while traveling.

*Each piece is sculpted by hand and may vary slightly in shape, size, and colours.