Lagoon 'Pink meets yellow'

'Lagoon' collection

The texture, form, and colours design was inspired by sea plants, shells found walking along the beach. Earrings shapes delicately repeat your body angles, as well as your mood, which is reflected in the colours. Earrings are handcrafted for you.
These earrings are samples so it looks slightly different in shapes and forms from original ones but yet still very unique. It can have very small defects. 

Made of: ceramics, silver-plated clasps 
Size: ~4 cm x 2,5 cm ,pair weight: ~ 0,20 g.
Colours: pink,yellow

Moods in colours
Yellow - happiness, sunshine, optimism
Pink -  feminine, romantic, joyful

White gift box with an original label, designed to carry your jewellery comfortably and safely while traveling.

*Each piece is sculpted by hand and may vary slightly in shape, size, and colours.