Mood creates colours.

Most of us have a favorite colour or prefer some colours over others, but all colours affect our moods and emotions. This is why we surround ourselves with colours that have a positive impact on us. And we at Colours of connection believe in this! Colours of connection - contemporary, colourful and minimalistic jewelry made from ceramics.  Slow fashion jewelry brand which reflects your mood and sensory feelings through colours. Inspired by nature. Find your connection !

I Based in Vilnius, Lithuania 

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Every single piece of ceramic is unique and handmade by Marija Strazdaite-Balčė in Vilnius, Lithuania. She is a designer and owner of the jewelry brand Colours of connection. Each piece of jewelry Marija creates very carefully and with a big passion to reflect your inner feelings. At a heart of every pendant and set of earrings is a clay  shape molded by hand or in a gypsum form. After drying for a couple of days it goes into a kiln. Once cooled, every piece is covered in layers of ceramic glaze using special technique. A future piece of jewelry endures another kiln session after it had been coloured. Earrings weigh is approximately 3 to 5 grams, making them almost feather like, you will hardly notice wearing them. While pendants’ weight is only 25 to 50 grams. A sophisticated but always slightly different handcrafting makes every piece unique in form and colours gradient.